The country's leading practitioner of Self Acceptance Training, Cherie McCoy has been conducting workshops, professional seminars and supervision groups since 1971. She has traveled through- out the United States, teaching this method in high schools and colleges, to teachers, therapists, doctors, actors and parents. She currently maintains a private practice in Novato, CA.

Self Acceptance Training is a mind-body exploration in which the student learns techniques to heal and let go of old traumas and memories as well as current issues. This healing promotes growth towards healthy interactions within his/her present world. Other benefits include:

  • Heightened self-awareness
  • Expanded self-confidence
  • Relief from guilt and criticism
  • Feeling alive and energetic
  • A sense of inner peace

About Workshops

Open workshops are available to anyone who wants to learn the tools of self-acceptance training.


Berkeley Weekend Workshops – $240
Chicago Weekend Workshops – $250

Professional Workshop Program –
One payment of $1590, or $265 per month for 6 months – Payments Non-Refundable

Pay for your workshop by check. Make it out to Cherie McCoy. For mailing details, as well as the Terms and Conditions, visit the Registration page.

For information:
Chicago callers call – 773-583-8694
California callers call – 415-897-5997